Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 7

Worsham was pushing buttons all around town. Not only on both sides
of the racial divide, but also pushing buttons with his own staff,
and others on the same same side of the law as he. It gets to the
point where Jim as made his crusade "Jim against the World". The
rioting and hatred became Jim's obsession. It was the only thing
he worked on, all the other cases were given to interns or shuffled
between the staff. He had waited... waited to get everyone against
him, and now... it was time to make his move.
Worsham knew that both sides had began to work together to disrupt
his progress. He also knew his next press conference was going to be
the one both sides, the whites and the blacks, were rallying to

Raul and Manuel also thought this would be the perfect time to send
their message. Raul laid out the plan

"Okay, we got it all set up. You get the truck to your guy the
moment Jim starts his speech. That will give him plenty of time to
drive across town, park under the building, and then we blow it to

"The driver still in the car?" Manuel asked.

"Yes, it has to look like a suicide bombing... its gonna be big
enough to take out his entire building, his family should be at home
watching Jim give the speech on TV."

Jim Worsham prepared his thoughts before he stepped out onto the
stage to a wall of jeers. 50,000 people showed up. They crammed the
streets, traffic was brought to a stand still. A few in the front
threw random object in Jim's direction before he made his way up to
the podium. There was a strong police presence but they weren't
doing much. Everyone was against him.

"Good Afternoon."

Again... nothing but jeers from the masses.

Raul looked around the crowd, "This is it" he said.

He knew the truck was en route.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 6

Raul put out his cigarette and lit up another immediately. He had no idea what he was going to do, shitting himself scared. He knew he should have never taken that kickback all those years ago. That's when he first compromised his morals as a decent attorney. Ever since then he's been playing both sides when ever he could. He would keep his mouth shut about important things going down and whoever, either rich business men, thugs, and even the mafia had their puppet strings on Raul.

The buzzer for the door almost made Raul's heart stop. He wiped the sweat from his brow and went to answer the door. Raul's brother Manuel had come.

"What the fuck main, you got to be kiddin me!" Manuel said as soon as Raul opened the door.

"I know brother, please, please, please forgive me. I will repay you the rest of my life. I don't even know how these people found you."

"After all this... this whole time your messing around with these guys?!?"

"Manuel, I am their lawyer. They held a gun to my head."

A pause, then Raul continues.

"It's a quick operation, apparently the driver will drive the explosives truck into Worsham's garage at his high rise apartment building, the driver will be some outsider, for safety sake he's not even going to know what he's driving. That way if he gets stopped he won't look suspicious."

"Oh fuck bro, his whole building?" Manuel said, getting extremely concerned now.

"Right. But you remember telling me about that new demo stuff? that leaves no traces..."


"Here's your chance to real-world test it."

Manuel put his head in his hands, took a deep breath. He was about to say something then stopped. Words could not express how he felt. He just shook his head.

"They'll kill me bro," Raul said, suddenly making the situation stone cold serious. "They'll kill you too."

Another long pause.

"So when?" Manuel said, apparently now compliant in the operation.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 5

Jim Worhsam took a break from the model M1 Abrams he was building to set amongst his other model air planes and military vehicles. Sat back and looked amongst his entire collection. He knew he wouldn't have much time to fiddle around with them anymore. He had a much bigger job on his hands. Jim was just elected county prosecutor and in his campaign he promised to clean up the streets. Well, we all know that isn't going to be an easy task with the way the city is torn up now.

Jim wondered to himself if he had been to hard on his staff during the transition but he knows the hard work will pay off. He makes race crimes his top priority and informs the staff they will be working hard to put these people behind bars.

The first protest came up after he was elected into office. He knew this was his time to show that there was a new sheriff in town. He ordered the police to dress in their riot gear and show up 2 hours before the protest is scheduled to begin, two things that have never been done at a protest before. Jim took command in a perch set up high above the protest site they had set up with scaffolding. He had found a loophole in the cities laws that made it possible for them to arrest anyone they deemed to be causing a disturbance. He knew he would be able to arrest almost everyone there but he obviously wasn't trying to make that big of a statement.

The first to get arrested were those who jay walked, on their way to the disturbance. Detained for the longest period allowed by state law, one hour, and then released. They arrested the protesters for spitting in the direction of the officers. They arrested a woman breastfeeding her baby. They even went as far as to stop Arnold Powers, who was leading this side of the movement, on the highway making him late to deliver his speech at the protest. He failed to provide a valid proof of insurance and was immediately detained.

Jim Worsham made his statement loud and clear. He will not tolerate the hate spewing that was going on at these so called "protests".

And when these people showed up in court, Jim showed up personally as well. Making sure every single one of them got the fullest extent allowed. For BOTH sides, everyone was given the same treatment.

Raul Villablanca was the defense attorney that was representing most of the people Jim was putting on trial. Whites and blacks, he made special offers to these people and took on this moral crusade against Jim Worsham by defending these people in court.

The relationship between Jim and Raul was awkward at first. But they began forming mutual respect for one another and it became a friendly competition between the two.

Obviously Jim was stirring the pot at the protests, but now he's showing he's fully dedicated to prosecuting these people. And he's not making many friends in the process.

Raul, being the scummy defense lawyer that he is, is approached by one of the extremists on the white side. They know Raul can be bought. The extremist approaches Raul and tells him that Jim Worsham has become a problem. He needs to be taken out.

"Oh yea, well what the fuck do you want me to do about it?" said Raul

"We know about your past Raul, you and I both know you're not fit to be a lawyer and you damn sure aren't legally qualified to be one either. You're illegal. Everyone of us knows it." The extremist said.

"You're out of your fucking mind."

"NO I'M NOT RAUL! You damn well know we are fucking PISSED at your so called DEFENSE for our people. Hell, you're even representing the niggers!"

"Goddamn it, what the fuck do you want from me. He has the law against all of you! I'm doing my best." Raul said staring right into his eyes.

"Interesting, what do we want from you?.... hmmmmm... let me think.... SEND WORSHAM A FUCKING MESSAGE!"


"We know about your connections in the demolitions business too... your brother."


"You get him on the fucking phone right now, you, him and I are gonna blow some fucking shit up."



The extremist held Raul's neck in a headlock with his left arm, and pulled out a gun with his right. The barrel aimed directly at Raul's temple.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 4

Grace Jones rocked in her rocking chair, smoking her ultra lights 100s cigarettes. The rain had just cleared and the evening sky finally broke through the clouds just enough for the city to enjoy the last hour of sun. Grace leaned forward, honked a large spew in her mouth and spit off the deck. Her eyes glanced down the road, and saw her son-in-law pulling down the corridor.

Robert had married Grace's daughter and they've been best friends ever since. Grace would always help them out in time of need and when ever they needed advice.

"Well hey there," Grace welcomed.

"Hey ma, still smoking I see." said Robert

"Yea yea, why quit now?"

This visit was unannounced but Grace knew he would be dropping by to have a chat. Robert always came by to Grace when things got bad. And with race riots and people killing each other, this was certainty a time to have a chat.

You see, Grace was black and Robert was white. And this is the 21st century, but still, interracial marriage comes with its problems. And Grace was always there to help calm the waters whenever either of them would get riled up. Robert especially, Grace was the mother he never had, literally.

After they had shored up the small talk, Robert got to why he paid his visit.

"Well, ma, things have been getting pretty fucked up huh?"

"Oh yes my child. That is putting it lightly."

"How many died outside the hospital last night?"

"Six. Such sad times, it really is unfortunate." Grace said, stopping to take another drag "You see, when that little boy was killed, well it absolutely tore my heart up.... You know it happened just down the road here."

"I know ma.."

"And I thought, 'Christ, Why would you do this? Why?'... but I am a believing woman, and I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. So I thought that may be there would be some good to come of this horrible tragedy. And Charlie came along, and he spoke such words of wisdom, and to have it silenced so abruptly, it pains my heart.... and now, the tragedy has only brought more tragedy. You know the worst part?

"What's that ma?"

"No one's even bothering looking for the murderers anymore."

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 3

"... And as a great man once said... United we Stand, and divided we fall... Thank You." Charlie backed away from the podium to an eruption of cheers and applause.

Charlie Grin was a prominent member of the community. His face almost instantly recognizable to everyone in the city. This is because of his first career. He was in broadcast as the nightly local news anchor. The people trusted him. Especially the African-Americans, he was their representation in this city. And now, his city needed his words of wisdom more than ever.

No one had to say it, but it was felt. Racial tension had made a home in this city. And the newspapers and TV news weren't doing anything except amplifying the emotions. It was a kettle about to burst. Neither side was budging. The whites were feeling threatened to live in their own town with such violent people. And the blacks were the brunt of racism and what they felt was an unfair blame in the whole ordeal. This is where Charlie was needed. A man of mixed race and high community status would be the anointed savior working to help calm the waters in the city. Plus, there was talk of a run for Mayor in the future for Charlie. Helping his city out in time of need would certainty win him the office.

But he was scared. He knew people didn't like to be told what to think but this was getting out of control. He had to make a statement. He had to set an example. So he planned a rally for peace. He invited both sides and there would be speeches and entertainment for all. This was Charlie's master plan. Just to get the ball rolling on relations between the two sides. But it wasn't going to be easy.

"Yes, but damn it! I LOVED HIM TOO!" shouted Arnold to his daughter.

"I know father, but you are just USING HIM! He isn't a figure head for your PARADES!" Alicia shouted back, retorting what seems to be a recurring line in these never ending battles.

"His name must be honored and respected. People have given hundreds of thousands of their dollars for his cause. There are men out there who are willing to DIE FOR HIM!"


Alicia turned her back and looked out the window. Arnold gave a deep breath and hugged her from behind. Softly whispering in her ear,

"What happened with Thomas was just a catalyst for bigger things to come. People will look back on him and hail him as a martyr. I hope one day you will understand this."

Just then !CRACK! went the door. Mrs. Murray, the next door neighbor, came bolting in as if there were nothing in her path. She had to stop and catch her breath but still couldn't get it out.

"...ben shot"

"What?" panicked Alicia.

"Charlie's been shot"

The seconds after felt like hours to Alicia. She saw nothing but more death and chaos in the future. Her boy's murder had sparked such sorrow all throughout both communities, and it was getting worse by the day.

Arnold pulled up to the hospital where Charlie was taken, but he immediately knew he was getting nowhere fast. The crowds had already parked all down the street and were massing in front of the doors to the hospital. The shouts could be heard all the way down the street and many patients were disturbed that night, as they were all being very boisterous and honking their horns in the parking lot.

Arnold pushed his way through the crowd. Some recognized him, but it was a microcosm of the entire community. Whites and the blacks were there and they were both angry. A little shouting and pushing and shoving, but everyone was more or less just posturing at that moment. That's when Arnold noticed the door to the hospital opening up and a doctor in a white coat emerging. He hadn't noticed it before but the media had set up a makeshift podium with their microphones and it appeared the doctor was about to make a statement. Finally, the crowd fell silent.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... it is with great sadness and regret that I must inform you that Charlie Grin was brought here... at approximately 5:07pm this evening due to gun shot wounds he received in the abdomen....

he was pronounced dead on arrival."

Screams... cries... these were different noises than this large crowd were shouting before. Some even remained silent, as if this wasn't real. But quickly it reverted back to the same violent shouts, this time louder. The shoves turned to elbows, the elbows turned to punches, the punches led to headbutts. It was an all out brawl. The women and children fled, but for those who stayed there was work to be done. At first it was small, then the entire group of men joined in. It set of a large stampede, everyone was going in each direction, running into each other, mortally wounding one another. Absolute chaos.

Then... Smoke... smoke everywhere. No one can breathe. More people running in and out of the smoke, running into each other. Arnold, who was helping the wounded ran blindly through the smoke until he came upon the edge. There they were, the riot gear cops had finally shown up. Some dispersed, but those who stayed were locked in battle with each other. The police just moved in, took them down and arrested them.

After the rioters had cleared out, the commanding officer looked over the hospital yard and still saw wounded lying strewn about. As if it were a battleground.

"God damn it" he said. "Alright... whats the body count?"

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 2

Breaking news today as Alicia Powers son was mudered in cold blood last evening. The incident apparently happing in the middle of the street, yet no witnesses to the crime have yet to come forward. The murder took place on 5th and Rhine ave in the Alston area. Maria Torres has more..

Alicia turned off the TV before she could hear anymore. She usually went to work around this time of day, but not today. Not now that her world was gone. Alicia sobbed herself almost to the point of suffocation.

She gazed out the rain soaked window. And watched as another member of her church pulled up the street and into her driveway.

They would walk up. One by one, offering their condoleances. They would bring food, meatloaf and fruitcake. Filing in like they all had drawn a number and took turns. It all seemed so damned rehearsed to Alicia. Until that old familiar cadilac rolled up. Her father was finally here. Finally a break from the posturing and now a time to truly grieve.

Her family was her backbone. Nothing would break them apart. Not even this. They were all she had now, and all she ever needed as well. The Powers were good people. Through and through.

She ran out onto the front porch to greet her father, and fell into his arms. Exactly where she needed to be right now. She began sobbing uncontrolably. Arnold Powers, carried her upstairs in his arms.

"Alicia... we will get through this... you know... with God's power... we will get through this... He works in mysterious ways... and sometimes." He said, stopping to catch his breath from weeping. "Well, sometimes, we aren't supposed to make sense of what has happened."

"I know papa" She said.

"You know, your brother in law has already set up a fund in Thomas' name. We've been recieving calls from strangers all day, just wanting to help out. The community response is overwhelming. If anything, this tragedy has brought about great unity amongst our church and all throughout the suburbs."

"At what price?.. Father." Her gaze immediately became stern. And fixed on his.

"Excuse me Alicia, I understand you are greiving and need time to reflect... I'll see myself out..."


In other news, The Thomas Fund recorded another record profit today. To date they have managed to raise almost one million dollars for Mrs. Powers, the widow who lost her son under suspicious circumstances, last March.
And now Mark will be giving us the 7 day forcast, which includes Christmas and Christmas Eve!!! I can't believe it Mark, the holidays just snuck up on me this year!

"Goddamned BLAAST!" shouted Arnold, turning off the TV and throwing the remote to the ground with such a force as to propel the batteries to a height almost reaching the sunroof. "Six days until Christmas and these MOTHERFUCKERS are still only talking about THOMAS as if HE WERE A GODDAMNED SIDE NOTE!!!..... well, we will show them. We're going to show them damnit! In the only way you can do it in America, WE ARE GOING TO MARCH YOU HEAR ME! MARCH FOR THOMAS"

Arnold Powers broke down. No one can bear the weight of losing his grandchild and to have it paraded around in public. He would turn his message into one of peace and understanding. It was the upcomming holiday that was really weighing on all of them. The first chrismas without Thomas.

"First of all I would like to thank you all for comming out today.... Of course I know it's christmas Eve and we all have a lot on our plate for this great holiday. But the fact that you have shown up..." Arnold stepped away from the microphone, trying not to break into tears.... "The fact you have shown up, means all the world to us..." The crowd erupted in cheers...

Earth shattering cheers of support rang out. The Christmas Eve rally had begun. At first it began as a plea to help a greving mother, quickly it turned into a political circus.

"It means all the world to us... and to Alicia.."

Cheers erupted once again.... louder now.

"and it means everything... to little Thomas.."

At that moment the crowd became one. around 20,000 people screaming for justice. Every single one of them heart broken, and willing to fight for the cause.

Arnold was overwhelmed at how many had shown up and how much noise they were making. He stepped down from the podium and the MC took over. He walked down the steps and through a crowd that had assembled and listened to shouts of support, mostly saying the same thing... until one shout from the crowd...

"Don't worry bout a thing Mr. Powers. We'll get em' for ya. Yep we'll certainty get them niggers for ya!"

Arnold's head shot around to look for the origin of the comment, and so did everyone elses... panning left to right... He just saw the same dull, worn out hats.....

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 1

"Thomas!... Thomas!" shouted a woman in the distance as she approached the park.

A frantic looking woman, obviously searching for someone runs up the path and yells at the first man sitting on the bench.

"Excuse me sir, " she said as shes catching her breath " Have you seen a young boy around here, around the age of 12, brown hair, about this high."

She raised her hand to an average boy's height but couldn't keep it there for long as she started shaking violently.

"Come here now, there... there. Take a seat on this bench, you must be tired. You seem a little vexed... tell me know... how long has the boy been missing?" questioned the man.

" It's been about four hours now. He was due home from school then and I know it hasn't been long, but he hasn't called or shown up. I came here to search the park, he sometimes comes here after school, but he hasn't been away this long EVER!"

"Okay now, I'm sure he is just fine. Heck, he's probably waiting for you at home as we speak! Lets get you home, its getting dark."

The man offers his jacket to the woman as they walk through the park to the streets and wait to hail a cab.

"I thank you for your calming words sir" she hesitates. "My name is Alicia Powers"

"Frank Weddle" he replies, returning the handshake. "And don't worry ma'am, i'm sure everything will be alright" he said with an uneasy smile. He knew even his words wouldn't be able to calm her. Only the sight of Thomas once again will ease her.

"Thanks again. And here is your coat back.... Goodbye!" she exclaimed as she handed Frank his jacket back and hopped in the cab.


Alicia thought she had made her self look like quite the damsel in distress and breathed a little more calmly on her way home. But as they turned onto her street in the suburbs, Alicia immediately noticed a car in their driveway and her heart jumped. "Had someone found him?", "whose car is that?". All these thoughts racing a mile a minute and her brain didn't even allow her self to read the reflective text on the side of the car that said "Sheriff", or the lights that sit a top the cruiser in the off position. This was the last thing she wanted to see.

She raced out of the cab and had it not been for Frank paying for it earlier, the cabby would have had to chase her down into the house. In her haste, Alicia ran right past the car and for the front door, suspecting to be greeted by her son. But the front door was locked.

"Of course" she thought, "why would the door be unlocked? I'm the only one with the key"

She stopped in mid thought as she heard a car door slam behind her. She turned around, and with her back to the door, slid down until her ass rested on the stoop. She noticed the look on his eye, she noticed the strain on his face, she noticed Thomas wasn't with him.

"Ma'am, if we could step inside, I'd like to have a word with you."

"What happened? What happened? just tell me what happened, its not good is it? is it? I know it's not good... just tell me... just tell me." tears already streaming down her face.

The officer took a deep breath and said "I am afraid to inform you mamn, that your son was involved in some sort of incident, and was killed. I am so sorry ma'am. If there is anything "

That was the last she heard. Nothing could describe the rush, the pain, the thoughts, the anger, the questions. The world had stopped spinning. Her world, her boy. was dead? And then there was nothing, blindness, deafness, darkness.

Alicia had fainted.