Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 7

Worsham was pushing buttons all around town. Not only on both sides
of the racial divide, but also pushing buttons with his own staff,
and others on the same same side of the law as he. It gets to the
point where Jim as made his crusade "Jim against the World". The
rioting and hatred became Jim's obsession. It was the only thing
he worked on, all the other cases were given to interns or shuffled
between the staff. He had waited... waited to get everyone against
him, and now... it was time to make his move.
Worsham knew that both sides had began to work together to disrupt
his progress. He also knew his next press conference was going to be
the one both sides, the whites and the blacks, were rallying to

Raul and Manuel also thought this would be the perfect time to send
their message. Raul laid out the plan

"Okay, we got it all set up. You get the truck to your guy the
moment Jim starts his speech. That will give him plenty of time to
drive across town, park under the building, and then we blow it to

"The driver still in the car?" Manuel asked.

"Yes, it has to look like a suicide bombing... its gonna be big
enough to take out his entire building, his family should be at home
watching Jim give the speech on TV."

Jim Worsham prepared his thoughts before he stepped out onto the
stage to a wall of jeers. 50,000 people showed up. They crammed the
streets, traffic was brought to a stand still. A few in the front
threw random object in Jim's direction before he made his way up to
the podium. There was a strong police presence but they weren't
doing much. Everyone was against him.

"Good Afternoon."

Again... nothing but jeers from the masses.

Raul looked around the crowd, "This is it" he said.

He knew the truck was en route.


  1. this is still a work in progress!

    Trying to think of how to finish it up!

  2. Going to have to read up on the previous parts after reading this. Looks pretty good!

  3. Nice, let's see how this turns out

  4. Oh shit, everything's coming together...can't wait for the next part!

  5. I think I've said it before, but damn you need to get this published its really good