Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 5

Jim Worhsam took a break from the model M1 Abrams he was building to set amongst his other model air planes and military vehicles. Sat back and looked amongst his entire collection. He knew he wouldn't have much time to fiddle around with them anymore. He had a much bigger job on his hands. Jim was just elected county prosecutor and in his campaign he promised to clean up the streets. Well, we all know that isn't going to be an easy task with the way the city is torn up now.

Jim wondered to himself if he had been to hard on his staff during the transition but he knows the hard work will pay off. He makes race crimes his top priority and informs the staff they will be working hard to put these people behind bars.

The first protest came up after he was elected into office. He knew this was his time to show that there was a new sheriff in town. He ordered the police to dress in their riot gear and show up 2 hours before the protest is scheduled to begin, two things that have never been done at a protest before. Jim took command in a perch set up high above the protest site they had set up with scaffolding. He had found a loophole in the cities laws that made it possible for them to arrest anyone they deemed to be causing a disturbance. He knew he would be able to arrest almost everyone there but he obviously wasn't trying to make that big of a statement.

The first to get arrested were those who jay walked, on their way to the disturbance. Detained for the longest period allowed by state law, one hour, and then released. They arrested the protesters for spitting in the direction of the officers. They arrested a woman breastfeeding her baby. They even went as far as to stop Arnold Powers, who was leading this side of the movement, on the highway making him late to deliver his speech at the protest. He failed to provide a valid proof of insurance and was immediately detained.

Jim Worsham made his statement loud and clear. He will not tolerate the hate spewing that was going on at these so called "protests".

And when these people showed up in court, Jim showed up personally as well. Making sure every single one of them got the fullest extent allowed. For BOTH sides, everyone was given the same treatment.

Raul Villablanca was the defense attorney that was representing most of the people Jim was putting on trial. Whites and blacks, he made special offers to these people and took on this moral crusade against Jim Worsham by defending these people in court.

The relationship between Jim and Raul was awkward at first. But they began forming mutual respect for one another and it became a friendly competition between the two.

Obviously Jim was stirring the pot at the protests, but now he's showing he's fully dedicated to prosecuting these people. And he's not making many friends in the process.

Raul, being the scummy defense lawyer that he is, is approached by one of the extremists on the white side. They know Raul can be bought. The extremist approaches Raul and tells him that Jim Worsham has become a problem. He needs to be taken out.

"Oh yea, well what the fuck do you want me to do about it?" said Raul

"We know about your past Raul, you and I both know you're not fit to be a lawyer and you damn sure aren't legally qualified to be one either. You're illegal. Everyone of us knows it." The extremist said.

"You're out of your fucking mind."

"NO I'M NOT RAUL! You damn well know we are fucking PISSED at your so called DEFENSE for our people. Hell, you're even representing the niggers!"

"Goddamn it, what the fuck do you want from me. He has the law against all of you! I'm doing my best." Raul said staring right into his eyes.

"Interesting, what do we want from you?.... hmmmmm... let me think.... SEND WORSHAM A FUCKING MESSAGE!"


"We know about your connections in the demolitions business too... your brother."


"You get him on the fucking phone right now, you, him and I are gonna blow some fucking shit up."



The extremist held Raul's neck in a headlock with his left arm, and pulled out a gun with his right. The barrel aimed directly at Raul's temple.


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