Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 2

Breaking news today as Alicia Powers son was mudered in cold blood last evening. The incident apparently happing in the middle of the street, yet no witnesses to the crime have yet to come forward. The murder took place on 5th and Rhine ave in the Alston area. Maria Torres has more..

Alicia turned off the TV before she could hear anymore. She usually went to work around this time of day, but not today. Not now that her world was gone. Alicia sobbed herself almost to the point of suffocation.

She gazed out the rain soaked window. And watched as another member of her church pulled up the street and into her driveway.

They would walk up. One by one, offering their condoleances. They would bring food, meatloaf and fruitcake. Filing in like they all had drawn a number and took turns. It all seemed so damned rehearsed to Alicia. Until that old familiar cadilac rolled up. Her father was finally here. Finally a break from the posturing and now a time to truly grieve.

Her family was her backbone. Nothing would break them apart. Not even this. They were all she had now, and all she ever needed as well. The Powers were good people. Through and through.

She ran out onto the front porch to greet her father, and fell into his arms. Exactly where she needed to be right now. She began sobbing uncontrolably. Arnold Powers, carried her upstairs in his arms.

"Alicia... we will get through this... you know... with God's power... we will get through this... He works in mysterious ways... and sometimes." He said, stopping to catch his breath from weeping. "Well, sometimes, we aren't supposed to make sense of what has happened."

"I know papa" She said.

"You know, your brother in law has already set up a fund in Thomas' name. We've been recieving calls from strangers all day, just wanting to help out. The community response is overwhelming. If anything, this tragedy has brought about great unity amongst our church and all throughout the suburbs."

"At what price?.. Father." Her gaze immediately became stern. And fixed on his.

"Excuse me Alicia, I understand you are greiving and need time to reflect... I'll see myself out..."


In other news, The Thomas Fund recorded another record profit today. To date they have managed to raise almost one million dollars for Mrs. Powers, the widow who lost her son under suspicious circumstances, last March.
And now Mark will be giving us the 7 day forcast, which includes Christmas and Christmas Eve!!! I can't believe it Mark, the holidays just snuck up on me this year!

"Goddamned BLAAST!" shouted Arnold, turning off the TV and throwing the remote to the ground with such a force as to propel the batteries to a height almost reaching the sunroof. "Six days until Christmas and these MOTHERFUCKERS are still only talking about THOMAS as if HE WERE A GODDAMNED SIDE NOTE!!!..... well, we will show them. We're going to show them damnit! In the only way you can do it in America, WE ARE GOING TO MARCH YOU HEAR ME! MARCH FOR THOMAS"

Arnold Powers broke down. No one can bear the weight of losing his grandchild and to have it paraded around in public. He would turn his message into one of peace and understanding. It was the upcomming holiday that was really weighing on all of them. The first chrismas without Thomas.

"First of all I would like to thank you all for comming out today.... Of course I know it's christmas Eve and we all have a lot on our plate for this great holiday. But the fact that you have shown up..." Arnold stepped away from the microphone, trying not to break into tears.... "The fact you have shown up, means all the world to us..." The crowd erupted in cheers...

Earth shattering cheers of support rang out. The Christmas Eve rally had begun. At first it began as a plea to help a greving mother, quickly it turned into a political circus.

"It means all the world to us... and to Alicia.."

Cheers erupted once again.... louder now.

"and it means everything... to little Thomas.."

At that moment the crowd became one. around 20,000 people screaming for justice. Every single one of them heart broken, and willing to fight for the cause.

Arnold was overwhelmed at how many had shown up and how much noise they were making. He stepped down from the podium and the MC took over. He walked down the steps and through a crowd that had assembled and listened to shouts of support, mostly saying the same thing... until one shout from the crowd...

"Don't worry bout a thing Mr. Powers. We'll get em' for ya. Yep we'll certainty get them niggers for ya!"

Arnold's head shot around to look for the origin of the comment, and so did everyone elses... panning left to right... He just saw the same dull, worn out hats.....


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