Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 1

"Thomas!... Thomas!" shouted a woman in the distance as she approached the park.

A frantic looking woman, obviously searching for someone runs up the path and yells at the first man sitting on the bench.

"Excuse me sir, " she said as shes catching her breath " Have you seen a young boy around here, around the age of 12, brown hair, about this high."

She raised her hand to an average boy's height but couldn't keep it there for long as she started shaking violently.

"Come here now, there... there. Take a seat on this bench, you must be tired. You seem a little vexed... tell me know... how long has the boy been missing?" questioned the man.

" It's been about four hours now. He was due home from school then and I know it hasn't been long, but he hasn't called or shown up. I came here to search the park, he sometimes comes here after school, but he hasn't been away this long EVER!"

"Okay now, I'm sure he is just fine. Heck, he's probably waiting for you at home as we speak! Lets get you home, its getting dark."

The man offers his jacket to the woman as they walk through the park to the streets and wait to hail a cab.

"I thank you for your calming words sir" she hesitates. "My name is Alicia Powers"

"Frank Weddle" he replies, returning the handshake. "And don't worry ma'am, i'm sure everything will be alright" he said with an uneasy smile. He knew even his words wouldn't be able to calm her. Only the sight of Thomas once again will ease her.

"Thanks again. And here is your coat back.... Goodbye!" she exclaimed as she handed Frank his jacket back and hopped in the cab.


Alicia thought she had made her self look like quite the damsel in distress and breathed a little more calmly on her way home. But as they turned onto her street in the suburbs, Alicia immediately noticed a car in their driveway and her heart jumped. "Had someone found him?", "whose car is that?". All these thoughts racing a mile a minute and her brain didn't even allow her self to read the reflective text on the side of the car that said "Sheriff", or the lights that sit a top the cruiser in the off position. This was the last thing she wanted to see.

She raced out of the cab and had it not been for Frank paying for it earlier, the cabby would have had to chase her down into the house. In her haste, Alicia ran right past the car and for the front door, suspecting to be greeted by her son. But the front door was locked.

"Of course" she thought, "why would the door be unlocked? I'm the only one with the key"

She stopped in mid thought as she heard a car door slam behind her. She turned around, and with her back to the door, slid down until her ass rested on the stoop. She noticed the look on his eye, she noticed the strain on his face, she noticed Thomas wasn't with him.

"Ma'am, if we could step inside, I'd like to have a word with you."

"What happened? What happened? just tell me what happened, its not good is it? is it? I know it's not good... just tell me... just tell me." tears already streaming down her face.

The officer took a deep breath and said "I am afraid to inform you mamn, that your son was involved in some sort of incident, and was killed. I am so sorry ma'am. If there is anything "

That was the last she heard. Nothing could describe the rush, the pain, the thoughts, the anger, the questions. The world had stopped spinning. Her world, her boy. was dead? And then there was nothing, blindness, deafness, darkness.

Alicia had fainted.


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