Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Time To Change - Part 4

Grace Jones rocked in her rocking chair, smoking her ultra lights 100s cigarettes. The rain had just cleared and the evening sky finally broke through the clouds just enough for the city to enjoy the last hour of sun. Grace leaned forward, honked a large spew in her mouth and spit off the deck. Her eyes glanced down the road, and saw her son-in-law pulling down the corridor.

Robert had married Grace's daughter and they've been best friends ever since. Grace would always help them out in time of need and when ever they needed advice.

"Well hey there," Grace welcomed.

"Hey ma, still smoking I see." said Robert

"Yea yea, why quit now?"

This visit was unannounced but Grace knew he would be dropping by to have a chat. Robert always came by to Grace when things got bad. And with race riots and people killing each other, this was certainty a time to have a chat.

You see, Grace was black and Robert was white. And this is the 21st century, but still, interracial marriage comes with its problems. And Grace was always there to help calm the waters whenever either of them would get riled up. Robert especially, Grace was the mother he never had, literally.

After they had shored up the small talk, Robert got to why he paid his visit.

"Well, ma, things have been getting pretty fucked up huh?"

"Oh yes my child. That is putting it lightly."

"How many died outside the hospital last night?"

"Six. Such sad times, it really is unfortunate." Grace said, stopping to take another drag "You see, when that little boy was killed, well it absolutely tore my heart up.... You know it happened just down the road here."

"I know ma.."

"And I thought, 'Christ, Why would you do this? Why?'... but I am a believing woman, and I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. So I thought that may be there would be some good to come of this horrible tragedy. And Charlie came along, and he spoke such words of wisdom, and to have it silenced so abruptly, it pains my heart.... and now, the tragedy has only brought more tragedy. You know the worst part?

"What's that ma?"

"No one's even bothering looking for the murderers anymore."


  1. ....well,all people are different.

  2. kinda sad....following nonetheless.

  3. what a sad story.. interesting read, though.

  4. Oh man, I dreamt of cigarettes last night. I've been off em for 3 months now and I'm still having crazy intense dreams from time to time. Oh well.

    And I think I found a typo, shouldn't certainty be certainly? I could see how it kinda works with certainty though too. Just thought I'd bring it up. Good post, looking forward to more!

  5. sad stuff man, well written though

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